More Simple Tangles Video #2

New tangles in this video – Printemps and Cubine.

Some Simple Tangles for beginning Tanglers:


CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher

As of June 24,2015, I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher. My daughter, Heather, and I went to Providence, Rhode Island to attend CZT seminar #20. Although I have been teaching the Zentangle method at my local the senior activity center ever since I took a class from a local CZT in 2012, I learned a lot. My new classes will be totally different in approach and attitude. I was skipping over several key aspects of the method, such as appreciation of the fine materials we use, the experience of taking your time to relax and do something just for you, no pressure or expectations to be perfect. As in life, there are no erasers in the Zentangle Method, no mistakes, just opportunities.
Heather has a masters degree in bassoon and has been teaching music, one on one, for many years but had never taught the Zentangle Method or a group class in anything. Since becoming a CZT in June, she has already taught her first, highly successful, Zentangle Method class. Her students were highly motivated and anxious to sign up for the next class.